It is just me?

It is early morning, you finally accomplish the herculean task of successfully getting out of your house. The day continues… You drop off your kids at school and/or head to the office, just to find yourself surrounded by gorgeous people smiling and ready to face the challenges of the day… It is at that moment when you ask yourself the question – Is it just me?

Is it possible that I am the only woman on the planet who struggles to get out of the house in one piece?

Am I the only one who needs 5 more minutes (sometimes a lot more!)?

Am I the only one who seems to have a “Sweetheart, put your shoes on” problem?

Am I the only one who opens the refrigerator in the morning just to find out you forgot to buy milk?

Am I the only one who is always on a rush (even when I am not late)?

The answer is NO!

It would be helpful to share a bit further about myself – first… I really love to socialize with people… for some reason I am the person that my friends call when they need information… it is almost like your personal Angie’s list type of thing… from helping people to finding the perfect resource to flexing my skills as a fashion adviser/personal shopper and everything in between.

Thanks to this social gene, I have the fortune of hearing a lot of very interesting stories from various women’s perspectives: the singles, the singles that want to be married, the engaged, the married, the married that want to be single, the divorced, the stay at home moms, the executives, the eternal students… you name it, I have heard it!

Surprisingly, even when all of us have very different lifestyles – the issues that bother us are mostly the same. We are all living in the fast lane, burning both ends of the candle. We are constantly juggling to keep the daily demands on us under control. All of this while fighting not let the chaos take over peaceful loving home…

I am here to bring the great news, you are not alone! You are not the only chick considering hiring an anger management coach, you are not the only one feeling guilt because you did not spent enough time with your children, you are not the only one wondering if everything is ok with your hormones or wondering if your menstrual mode will arrive and stay with you forever!!!

Will MyKalon help you find solutions to find that special balance? Absolutely!
Here are some helpful ideas to improve your morning routine:

1) Go to your doctor and make sure everything is ok with your body and hormones… If you get check this step, go to number 2.

2) Change the message: start your day being grateful for the problems you don’t have. Remember all the power is in your mind!

3) Activate your body, try to squeeze in a workout! (at night chances are you will be tired)

3) Be positive! It is all about looking at things in perspective.

4) Plan your morning: Do everything possible the night before. Leave the coffee maker ready to go, outfit ready, SHOES in the car (if you have kids you know what I am talking about) – More to follow on this topic soon!

5) Be aware of your mistakes, learn from them and make the necessary adjustments to change the situation.

6) Do not worry about the things you can’t control.

7) If you are always late… Just wake up earlier! (I am from Venezuela so this also hit home)

If there is anything else you do to make your mornings run smooth, please share in the comments below!

Stay tuned…