It’s Monday morning, you’ve made it to the office and/or your child’s school doorstep… there are just 2 minutes to socialize and get caught up on the niceties of the morning… Busy day ahead, no time to waste!

Taking advantage of the few minutes to spare you join in on a conversation with a group of “friends”… there you are, listening intently on the conversation… Turns out the focus of the conversation is all about that weird lady that you and obviously others can’t stand!

After the draining therapy session has ended and the intense spill of emotion evaporates into the air, we all say our goodbyes… YES, you just invested your precious morning reinventing someone else’s life and the worst part of it is that none of it can be put into action, because she wasn’t even there!

Minutes later, when your better senses finally kick in, you now realize how potentially destructive you were. Oh, and that one person in the group… yes the one that was quiet the whole time… she usually hangs out with the protagonist of your morning conversation. Voila! just like that you opened the door for the next chapter of conflict and drama.

Lets be honest! How often do we find ourselves in the same vicious habit? Let’s get real, we are all clever busy women, we don’t have time for this type of behavior… so, from now on… Just ZIP IT!!!

I have a simple yet effective method to measure my behaviors and comments, it works well for me… and I hope it does for you too… Just imagine that you are being recorded and the video will be broadcasted all over social media… Do you like what you see? Does it represent the woman you want to be?

To avoid being cast in the next reality show, here is some advice you may want to follow.

Practical guide for surviving the gossip jungle:

  1. Listen carefully to the topic… if it doesn’t add value to your life avoid the conversation.
  2. If “the group” is caught more than once engaging the same type of conversation… Consider strongly finding new “friends”, chances are you are the topic at least once a week.
  3. If you really want to participate… be constructive and focus on the problem not on the person.
  4. If something is bothering you, be responsible and discuss 1 on 1 … you are not on a TV show so no need for the discussion to be broadcasted.
  5. Let your friends know you are not into gossip! Be consistent, you don’t want to become a selective gossiper.
  6. Remember – if you don’t have anything positive to say, just don’t say anything!
  7. Repeat on a daily basis and it will become a habit.