10 survival items that a woman must have inside her car


MyKalon is all about being practical and proactive, never leave home unprepared!

Here are 10 easy survival items that a woman must have inside her car for those days when she is on the go.

  1. Nail file: you are minutes away from that important meeting, you are ready for action, time to get out of the car, start unbuckling your seat belt and just like that… a broken nail!
  2. Sunglasses: get an extra pair of sunglasses and never take them out of your car! I can’t tell you how many times I thought I had shades inside my purse only to find out they are not there!  – Very frustrating, especially when the sun is beating down on my eyes! Even more frustrating is that frantic search in the car to no avail.
  3. Feminine hygienist kit (tampons, pads, spare panties): this comes in handy not just for yourself, but it will make you a hero for that special friend in need! By the way, why does this always happen when we are wearing a white bottom? Seriously!
  4. Express Make up kit: for the days you forget to switch your makeup bag from one purse to the other.
  5. Hair Brush: a hair brush or any item that keeps your hair under control will help if you ever have to leave home in a rush…
  6. Perfume: I don’t know about you but leaving the house without perfume feels like leaving without clothes!
  7. Wipes: OMG… a big thank you to whoever invented wipes! Potty stop, dirty shoes, sweaty face, dirty hands, forgot to put on deodorant (yes, you can admit you have been there at least once!)… you name it, wipes comes to the rescue…
  8. Spare pair of comfortable shoes: flats or heels, whatever your lifestyle is. You will never go grocery shopping in painful heels anymore!
  9. Umbrella/rain coat: the easiest way to bring on the rain is to blow dry your hair and leave home without an umbrella! (if you have small kids, a raincoat is highly recommended to keep hands free)
  10. Hair elastics: for those mornings when you head straight to the gym, just to realize you forgot your hair tamer…
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If you have kids, please add this extra items to your list:

  1. Spare clothes for your kid and for you: for potty accidents, a tempting puddle or that last minute adventure.
  2. Healthy snacks: a must, unless you want to have your child remind you 100 times how hungry she/he is.
  3. Disinfectant wipes: for quick damage control situations
  4. Paper towels: you can always find a good use for a bounty!

What items are a must have for you?  Please share your comments bellow!