The perfect gift for “the teacher”


The end of school year is rapidly approaching … in addition to thinking about school grades, we turn our focus onto summer camp, vacation planning, activities to keep the kids busy during the long, long summer vacation… to name a few..

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about some very important people in our children’s life… “the teacher”. Yes! That special person who spends a significant amount of time with your pride and joy, the person that knows EVERYTHING that happens in your house (believe me everything! Courtesy of our talkative youngsters), the person that teaches our kids not just math, history and science… but teaching them moral values and true love!

That being said, I feel strongly they also deserve to be treated with the same love and affection at the end of the year!

A top 10 perfect gifts list for a teacher is challenging given the wide range of personalities, preferences and age groups. However, after 4 years in a row being the homeroom mom at my children’s school I have a few great ideas to pass along!

  • Anything that shows that you really spent the time and effort “on the making” will be highly appreciated.
  • Get your kids involved with the project (handprints or writing a note)
  • If you do not have time to make anything… DO NOT PANIC! A Visa, MasterCard, American Express… gift cards are always welcomed!
  • Gift cards too impersonal for your taste? I‘ve got you covered! Pre-pay a nice massage, mani-pedi service, movie tickets or restaurant gift cards.
  • If you want to take the spoiling to a higher level… just have them fill out a “Your Favorite Things” form, you can’t go wrong with that one! (Just Google and print it out)

Please avoid giving them classroom supplies, things that are too personal in nature- like underwear… Yes, believe it or not – underwear! (I received this info first hand)

Whatever you ultimately decide to do for a present, please don’t forget to let them know how grateful you are for that amazing imprint they have left on your children’s heart.

Love your kids and their teachers!