10 Bad Mood Triggers


We all have our days, but there are certain things that can make us explode in just seconds! Check our top 10 situations that trigger women’s bad mood.

1. Having your significant other pretend that he is listening to your conversation. The moment of truth is when you are in the middle of a story and you validate your suspicion by asking a simple question, only to get a totally irrelevant answer or even worse a “you never told me that!”

2. Lost items: when something gets lost at home you are the “one and only” who can find it. Of course this happens in the morning rush hour when you are busy trying to get yourself and your whole family together. By the way “the lost item” was never lost… it is in the usual spot.

3. Interrupting your meal: You spent an hour cooking, organizing, cleaning… working non stop. Finally… dinner time, you think you will seat down on the table to enjoy the meal? Forget it! Mom, where is the ketchup, mom I don’t like this, baby since you are there, can you bring water…

4. Delegating a task and being asked 1,000 questions about how to get it done: honey, if I have time to explain it I have time to do it myself! So DON’T ASK.

5. Children fighting/crying inside the car: the car is a small space, really! do we have to deal with that endless sound track? Just breath, count to 3 and turn on the radio.

6. People with scale complex: they always seem to know when you gain weight.

7. The fashion advisor: you spend 2 hours getting ready just to hear… “Baby, are you sure that matches.”

8. Hunger: I don’t know about you but I need my 3 meals plus my snacks. Otherwise my witch gene comes to life!

9. Consistent sleep depravation: if you have kids you know what I am talking about.

10. Your period!

Do you have any others to add to the list? please leave your comments below.