10 very uncomfortable motherhood things no one warned me about



1) Last week of pregnancy picture: yes, that one in which you are swollen from your head to your toes (especially your nose).

2) How uncomfortable is to go potty for the 1st time after you have a baby! I am not elaborating about this but … IT IS VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!

3) Motherhood “sweet moments”: it is 3 am and you have not sleep for 45 days in a row, baby is crying hysterically (even after you fed them). Husband, mother and mother in law are nowhere to be seen… that private moment when the evil thought comes to you “What in the world I was thinking!!!” Suddenly a feeling of remorse knocks on your door and in 2 seconds you become the most miserable mom in the planet … of course, you will never ever share that horrible thought with anyone!

4) Post partum depression: We all hear about post partum depression but you don’t actually think that you too can be a statistic. It can be very confusing since it is hard to know if you are just tired, your hormones are out of control or if you truly are depressed.

5) Blame the bad mood to pregnancy hormones: Let’s get real… having a baby is hard work! Combine childbirth with the lack of sleep and the grueling routine that it entails will really test your emotions. If you are also holding down the fort… making dinner, doing dishes, cleaning, laundry and the rest of the household chores it will take mood to a whole new level. Top it off endless crying and the perception that no one understands your trials including your husband is just icing on the cake!

6) Social media mommies happiness: if it is on the internet, it must be true – NOT! Many on social media portray early motherhood as this nirvana like experience w/ beautiful sleeping babies nestled in mother’s well rested arms. Yes, it can feel lonely like you are the only one still trying to get out your PJ’s at 9PM looking at the Facebook news feeds.

7) Sharing your baby milestones with other moms: that moment when you go to the mommy and me class just to get asked 10 times how old is your baby and what can they do (it can feel as if you are in puppy training sessions). If you have a super baby you get all proud but God forgive your little one if they are not crawling yet at 7 months!

8) People with pediatrician complex: these are the people that always know someone with a baby that is going through the same situation as yours… and of course they always willing to offer advice about what you are doing wrong.

9) Going pee in your pants: giving birth naturally is in concept a beautiful thing (I personally loved it, for real!) what is not so beautiful is the fact that after that precious moment you will spend the rest of your life peeing your pants every time you laugh too hard or cough!

10) Keep forgetting EVERYTHING: after I had my first baby something happened to my memory, at times I feel like my memory left my body along with all the amniotic fluid… no where to be found ever since!

The best part is that even if somebody would have told me all these things beforehand I probably wouldn’t have changed a thing. Motherhood is based on your instinct and doing what in your heart is right- it is not all about what you read in the countless baby books out there. Having kids is the most amazing thing that I have done in my life… challenging YES! but SO WORTHY!