What happens when your child ventures over to your bed?


How many of you have this situation at home? If you have smaller children, many I would suspect… Those night time visits often become the norm rather than the exception for a lot of parents.

When it happens for the very first time you probably will blame it on a cold or stomachache. Reality is that both of these scenarios and others are just a Trojan horse to open the gate to your bed. After the first episode or two most of us just google it! Next thing you do is freak out about the wide range of opinions about the topic.

There are two major camps: one that totally supports sleeping as a family until your child decides to move out of the house at 18. The other camp declaring this heresy outlining the dire consequences that will impact your child’s future if you do not break this habit ASAP!

Let’s be clear there are plenty of perspectives that fall between the extremes. Regardless, the anxiety about this new stag does not end here… It is not as simple as just having a new guest in your bed every night, there is bonus material that comes with it:

  • Poltergeist: the moment you awake suddenly to see your child standing next to you, staring eyes wide open, like a scene straight out of a Paranormal Activity… Now you are wide awake… and somewhat freaked out!
  • Sleeping layout: this is one of the toughest for me, I like to have plenty of space for me while sleeping.
  • Over populated: things can quickly get out of hand especially when you have multiple kids trying to stake their claim on the land grab.
  • Couples privacy: quality time alone with your significant other will get challenged if not managed properly.
  • Pillow fight: I don’t know about you, but I am very particular about my pillow .. any unplanned change can definitely affect my sleep.
  • The visitor’s companion: your child does not show up alone… No No… They bring their stuffed animals with them!
  • The migration: in my case, it means my migration LOL… If space gets too crammed I just walk over to my kids bed BY MYSELF!
  • Wakeup: The next morning… and the 5 cups of coffee you will need to drink.

What to do about it?

  1. WHATEVER YOUR PARENTING STYLE TELLS YOU TO DO! what may work for me may not work for you.
  2. Get informed, read up on it but don’t over analyze things.
  3. Relax, everything is temporary! define what is important: reinforce a good sleep routine for your child…and/or for you.
  4. Be grateful they are in your bed to cuddle with you and not because they are sick. Many parents are not that fortunate.
  5. Decide what works better for your family and your lifestyle and ENJOY “the stage” even when it may be a very long one!

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