Women and men are just different on so many levels, it is not just a myth it is a fact. Nearly every aspect of how we think and what we feel is different than our male counterparts. Men at times can perceive keeping perfect harmony with women like riding a roller coaster or better yet like trying to last 8 seconds on that championship bull. Don’t underestimate the simplistic, yet efficient way of how men think, overanalyzing them or throwing them off keel will lead to unnecessary strife for everyone.

While we shouldn’t deliberately abuse our powers as women we need to be aware that we do have an uncanny ability to push buttons and really set men off.  Sometimes we do this for the right reasons, just pick your battles carefully.

So here we go:

  1. Setting high expectations on communication: Men get their point across in the fewest words possible. Women absolutely do not. If you see your man seemingly oblivious to the conversation, know their mental threshold has been reached for absorbing language.
  2. Spending money: men are generally more conservative than women when it comes to finance. Ladies, getting a coupon in the mail or discount at the store is not “saving money”
  3. Running our full range of emotions daily: Women often feel like we have free range to run the full gambit of our feelings, mostly everyday. Men generally speaking want to keep it in a tight band, they don’t like they highs too high or the lows too low.
  4. Periods: Throwing a period in men’s face is not something they are ever going to understand or really even want to acknowledge. They view it is a supercharger or nitrous on V-8 when we rev totally out of control.
  5. Not allowing a boy’s night out: You have to let guys off leash once in a while so they can maintain their friendships and not feel like they are prisoners of the ward. It is only fair if we want to get our quality time with friends.
  6. Destroying history: Don’t crucify for significant other for his true old school friends, you can’t erase the past. These are the same cast of characters that made him who he is today. Know that they know your significant other as well or possibly even better than you do, don’t expect them all to change overnight just to accommodate you.
  7. Not keeping your man on a pedestal: Love your man unconditionally, that is what they heard during their vows. Be a leader in the relationship and make sure you help keep it on the rails at all times.
  8. Failing to understand genetics: Men were wired to hunt and kill, a few generations doesn’t change that hard coding. Be proud of men who are active on all fronts – cooking, children, cleaning, etc. Men nowadays are willing to do more, just don’t break out a measuring stick and track who is doing what.
  9. Disregarding the extended family: Men expect women to help keep the extended family together. Show genuine interest in his side of the family just like you do yours. Trust me, you want a guy that loves his mother and/or his sister – that means he cares for and knows how to treat a woman.
  10. Forgetting what you signed up for: Don’t try to change your man, focus on improving yourself. Your happiness is on you, not him! Don’t create expectations that he needs to be the reason for you waking up and being happy to be alive.

Girls love their shoes, dresses, dollhouses, and dream of being beautiful princesses. Boys are all about their trains, cars, toys, and games with aspirations to build things and sometimes destroy them. Throw in the challenge that we all change dramatically throughout the years. Age, careers, children, family, friendships, and life experiences evolve us on so many levels. It is a tall order to expect perfection-  be realistic, know that we are all unique, and most importantly focus on what really matters.

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