Yuly360 Fashion: Packing for your summer vacation? Outfit ideas included

This week was the start of summer vacations for many for us!

So when it’s time to pack for your “Florida summer” vacation or other destination, I recommend outfits that are chic and stylish but also comfortable for those LONG and HOT days in Disney or afternoons at the resort.

I personally think style and comfort doesn’t have to go alone, you just need to be smart about the pieces that you select. Here some useful tips to put together the perfect combinations for your summer retreat:

  • Travel light: getting away does not mean you are moving so keep the luggage situation under control. The most important things are: personal hygiene and beauty products, sunblock, shoes, purse, visor or hat, outfits and PJ.
  • Shoes and purse: select 1 or 2 pairs of shoes and a purse that go with all your outfits! This will help you save some space and keep the suitcase under the limit.
  • Selecting the outfits: stick to this rule: 3 day trip = 3 outfits. If you a are planning on dual activity days  (day at the beach and party at night) you will need night out outfits as well (check Yuly360 Closet for date night outfits ideas)
  • Fabrics summer friendly: when selecting your outfits avoid the polyester and silky fabrics. YES –  they look great but they will be your worst enemy in the heat since sweat will start to show through your clothes in no time!
  • Colors to avoid: I personally like black and dark color pieces, but during the heat these colors will make your life miserable. I still use them for 2 reasons: I love them and I have kids (white it is not too friendly).
  • Accessories: as you can see in the pictures, I use my visors A LOT! Protecting your face from the sun is very important to keep your skin healthy… use sunblock on your face, arms and legs and pick a hat or visor that goes well with all your outfits!
  • Jewelry: same theory! select 3 or 4 pieces that complement all the clothes you pick.

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Resort Casual: Sam Edelman sandals, BCBG Hi-Low skirt, Tahari white top, Wallaroo Visor.


Resort Casual: Sam Edelman sandals, JCrew shorts, Express top, Wallaroo Visor.


Resort Casual: Tory Burch Sandals, Theory shorts, Top from angelsofpanama, Wallaroo Visor, Dogeared Necklace.


Cover Up Dress: Cinthya Rowley Dress, Wallaroo Visor.


Cover Up Dress: Havaianas flip flop, Cabanalife dress, Wallaroo Visor, Purse from Target.

Resort Casual: Tory Burch sandals, JCrew Shorts, Joie Top, Necklace from Kandula Accessories.

Resort Casual: Black and White, Sam Edelman Sandals, Black shorts, Express Top, Neiman Marcus Necklace, Wallaroo Visor.