Riding the overwhelming roller coaster of parenthood?


I am not afraid to admit it, life can get hectic. Despite the best of intentions, things will definitely go off the rails. This time of year is even more of a challenge…. Summer break marks the beginning of the balancing act between keeping the kids entertained and remaining totally productive at work.

There are occasions, especially when the children are in full on vacation mode, the simple task of processing a thought can be next to impossible! Home office workers with young kids surely encounter these challenges even more this time of year – I am definitely learning this first hand.

Being a parent, means no complaining – especially since we signed up for it! I don’t recall anyone telling me parenting was a piece of cake. If they did, I simply forgot about it.

Success at parenting is all about time management. It requires us to be extra diligent and optimizing every free minute. I often reflect back in amazement on how I used to spend my most valuable resource before having children. Bottom line, we now have to do what is required to be successful. Sleep can be overrated anyway….

No matter how hard or tough things get, we always need to stay in control. Our kids watch and learn from us every minute. If we handle stress effectively, so will they. If we lose our cool in tough situations, they will follow suit. Children are indeed a mirror reflection of us – the good and yes ….. the other times when we are not so good.

If we get crazy and fly off the handle, see how quickly our kids behavior follows suit. The minute we stop thinking positively and raise our voices we lost and guess what – our kids also lose.

Every single day counts in helping build a successful foundation for our kids future. They learn from us first and it is important for us to show them the way. Great leadership is about leading by example.

I share with you a few techniques to help keep your cool during these hot days of summer:

  • When your kids are “being kids” and I mean making a total mess! Just take a deep breath and try to remember what you were doing at that age… guess what? you probably were making a HUGE mess too!!!
  • Plan your day. There is nothing worse than kids idle! for YOUR sanity take them somewhere, organize play dates… do something! Busy kids = happy kids.
  • Work time is not play time. Multi-tasking with your kids is not going to make anyone happy including yourself. Be focused on quality and everyone will be better off.
  • Structure and rules are important but keep in mind children learn through creativity and exploration – let them be kids and try and join them, it will help you too.
  • Be happy! There is nothing more joyful and innocent than a child’s laugh and smile. Too many adults walk around unhappy with life, teach your child happiness and more importantly- how to follow their passion and be happy always!
  • BE THANKFUL. We have a tendency to take things for granted. Life is a gift, that is why we call it the present. Always appreciate every moment – there are no guarantees.

Time is short, before you know it your kids will be all grown up and watching over you!

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