Amazing ideas to decorate your kid parties (part I)

Our children’s milestones are a special celebration for them and for us! Let’s make unforgettable memories and enjoy every birthday!

1) Center pieces: research it and do it yourself! after you pick your party theme go online and start saving the pictures and the ideas you like. Pinterest is a great site to get inspired!

IMG_4212.jpgMinnie Mouse Center Piece: I made this one for my daughter’s first birthday. I used:

  • Small bucket from target.
  • Green fill.
  • Wood stick wrapped with ribbon.
  • 2 sheets of sparkle foam (for the initial).
  • 2 Small styrofoam balls (ears).
  • 1 Large styrofoam ball (head).
  • Bow.
  • Marshmallows (2 bags – depend on the size).
  • Toothpicks (to stick the marshmallows in the styrofoam).


2) Color Theme parties: if you do not have time to work on an elaborated decor, color theme parties are perfect for you! Just go to the party section of your favorite store and get some colorful supplies and Voila!

IMG_0847.jpgTable decorthis was the decor I used for my son’s 5th birthday party.

  • Dessert plates.
  • Dinner Plates.
  • Polka dots napkins (with a ribbon).
  • Cups.
  • Party hats.
  • Center Pieces:
    • Glass vase (from the dollar store)
    • Bubble gum (amazon)
    • A little center piece or ballon decor. (If you are not too handy with balloons just get some helium ones).


Paper Lamps: I love to use them for any occasion since they make a huge impact on your decor. They are cheap and you can reuse them over and over!

IMG_5442.jpgSofia the First Party: this was the cake table for my daughter Sofia the First birthday party!

  • Paper lamps (I found the best prices at Just Articrafst but make sure you do your homework since this was a couple of years ago)
  • Stuffed animals: I used my kids toys to decorate too! LOL.
  • White Roses.
  • Glass vases (Homegoods has great prices on vases)
  • Tablecloths: I prefer to buy fabric tablecloth since they make your decor looks better and you can reuse them (I buy them at


Goody Bags: I like to give my guests goodie bags they can reuse. Check for low priced drawstring backpacks that you can personalize. This will be a HUGE hit!


Pirate Goody Bags: I made these for my son’s Peter Pan Birthday party. They cost me about $3 each (bag, necklace and bandana).

Do you like it? Stay tuned for the second part! Follow my blog or my Facebook page for more useful ideas!

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