How to wear statement necklaces for various necklines

Strapless neckline: going strapless allows almost every type of necklace you want to use!

  • Tip 1: If you are using a big and eye catching bib necklace, make sure your top doesn’t compete with it. Using solid color fabrics is definitely the way to go.
  • Tip 2: Pair your cold shoulder top with a long and simple piece for the casual day time look.
  • Tip 3: Match your summer busy pattern top with a timeless but fun pearl necklace.
  • Tip 4: a nice choker will always be the perfect complement for a strapless!


Collared shirts: You can use your short necklaces in 2 different ways. 

  • Tip 1: for a casual look, use a short necklace with the button down style for your shirt.
  • Tip 2: for a more professional or conservative look, button all the way up and use a necklace that fastens higher up on the neck.


Crew neckline: pair it with a bib necklace, the idea is to make it look like it is part of your shirt.

  • Tip: you can pick a short or long statement piece. In this pattern dress example, I selected a solid color short necklace. For the solid color tops, I opted to go with long bib necklaces making them the center piece of the outfit.

Turtle neckline: when using turtleneck tops, pair it with a short statement necklace.

  • Tip: you can pick a short necklace for a casual conservative look or a little bit longer statement piece for the night time occasion.



V neckline: I like to use long pieces with V neck tops since they add a very classy touch to the everyday look.

  • Tip: use simple long necklaces with your outfit for a casual chic look. You can also use your favorite bib necklace for that eye catching look on date night!


When using statement necklaces always remember to keep your earrings and handcuff very simple… Remember less is more!

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