10 habits to simplify your life

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  1. Keep your grocery list updated on the fly: I use Wunderlist, this app lets you share and synch your list with another user and you both can add items at anytime, the only thing you need is your smart phone. You will never have to tell your husband what to get at the supermarket!
  2. Goals & To do list: on your phone or a notebook… That will depend on what works for you ( I use both). This will keep you focused on the most important activities and show how much progress you have made.
  3. Have an agenda: keeping a formal calendar for both work and personal will help manage your time better and avoid you double booking or missing that special event.
  4. Set alarms as reminders: if you are on a tight schedule, set your cellphone alarm to keep you on track throughout the day.
  5. Get done what you can the night before: the less you leave for the morning the smoother your day will be. Pick out your clothes, set the coffee maker, leave inside your car whatever you’ll need for the day (except your laptop computer)… this way you can avoid the back and forth to the car for things that you may have forgotten.
  6. It’s OK to say “NO”: sometimes life can get busy and we need to pick and choose what makes us happy, not what makes others happy… Don’t be afraid to say NO.
  7.  Prioritize: establish your priorities for your day and focus on what it needs to get done first. Focus on what matters most to you and to your family!
  8. Wake up early: start your day early so you can get more done without rushing! “The early bird gets the worm”.
  9. Get moving! Start your day by activating your body… exercise, jump and run inside your house… whatever works best for you…. but get moving!
  10. Be grateful… this will help you start the day with positive energy!

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