Amazing ideas to decorate your kids party! ( Part 2)

Last week I gave you some ideas to decorate your kids parties part I. This week I will share more tips on how to make your child’s dreams come true! Best of all,  you can do all of this by yourself and on a budget!

Here are a few more secrets to make it happen!

1. Balloons, Balloons and more balloons!

Latex balloons are an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your parties… and if you are thinking the pictures below are too big of a challenge… let me tell you IS NOT. There is nothing that you can’t learn in YouTube, even making balloon decorations!

Tip 1: Make your balloon base for the column using a square piece of wood (about 3 inches thick), drill a hole in the middle and insert a wood pole stick into the base. Securing the pole into the base with wood glue (I picked everything at Home Depot).

Tip2: Pick up latex helium quality balloons. If  you pick up less expensive alternatives you will pop one for every one you make.  (I pick up mine at party city). Electric air pumps come in handy to help expedite the process,. These cost around $16 and are well worth the investment (the ones used to inflate your inflatable mattress works fine too).

2. Picking the cake

The cake is a key focal point in almost every party, it is important to pay attention to this detail. Plan in advance the theme of your party and then go on Pinterest  for great  cake ideas. Once you  have selected a couple options head to your favorite baker and see what is possible.

Tip 1: Fondant cakes can get VERY expensive so if you are on a budget icing cakes are also pretty and more affordable. (In the pictures it is hard to tell the difference- Mickey Mouse was a fondant cake and the rest are icing with fondant details).

Tip 2: check out Publix Bakery cakes, they are very affordable and delicious!

Tip 3: When selecting the flavor of the cake try to go with popular common choices such as vanilla or chocolate in case your little guests have picky palates!


3. Seasonal celebrations? Get creative!

In our case,  my son’s birthday is during the summer and my daughter’s is around Halloween. I really love to do some fun things around themed parties.

Tip 1: For summer birthdays a sunglass station will be a HUGE hit ($1 each at the dollar store). Also having a sunblock station will be very helpful if you are hosting a pool party.

Tip 2: During Halloween season, get your guests into the spirit by creating a costume station! Once again the dollar store is the place to go…  you can start saving potential costume pieces from your friends parties and reuse them.


3. Enjoy every minute of your party!

I am not going to lie! The planning and the making will leave you very tired! Please be sure to pick projects that are manageable without getting you frustrated… If you can, get help the day of the party so you can ENJOY that special moment with your little one!


Stay tuned for our next article on how to make amazing decorations! Please check our Amazing decorations part I  article for more great tips!

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