What do you need to do to have a BEACH BODY?


When the summer arrives everyone gets excited and motivated about getting that perfect bikini body… but what happens the rest of the year? Is it just the fact that we will be wearing a bathing suit a reason to “exercise”?

Well if you are one of those souls that worries about the summer then this article is for you! and if you are not, you still may want to read it too!

Having that perfect bikini body sounds very exciting but the reality is that your body serves a purpose well beyond just being a beach mannequin.

There is a huge misconception between “being pretty” and “feeling beautiful” and believe me this is something that goes well beyond a size or two.  If you are one of those trying to “Be Pretty” you probably are trying to fit into the societal standard definition for this tag… chasing every single “Flat Belly Diet” or reading all about how to magically lose weight in 2 weeks! These are just short term goals that are going to leave you exhausted and with a couple pounds more once the summer is over.

Don’t get me wrong! I think keeping a HEALTHY weight is an amazing goal but how about we take this a step further? something we can integrate and align to as a lifestyle. This is not about the size of our clothes, this is about taking care of the only equipment we came to this world with: our body!

“Feeling beautiful” to me is a long term goal, it has nothing to do with the size of our dress or the latest bathing suit summer trends. Think about it: we have 365 opportunities a year to wake up, look at ourself in the mirror and be happy with what we see… this has nothing to do with the exterior look. It is about how we feel, our energy levels, our aptitude to get through the day, the week and LIFE.

The idea of “Feeling Beautiful” to me is more about finding the balance, that perfect equation where you feel and look just as YOU want to! it is the harmony between your health, your mind and your emotions… it is  about making the right choices to achieve a long and healthy life…

So, to answer your the question… What do you need to do to have a BEACH BODY?

EASY! Have a Body and go to the beach!!! Just like that!

Here some things that are part of my routine to help keep me in balance!

  • Annual check up with my doctor.
  • Eat clean! avoid fatty food on a regular basis… Make smart choices and make it a HABIT
  • Hungry all the time? I like to keep healthy snacks in my purse. The key is eat them if you are really hungry not just feeling the need to chew something.
  • Drink plenty of water: it protects your heart, gives the brain a boost, helps you lose weight, keeps you hydrated…
  • Keep moving: exercise at least 3 times a week. You don’t need to go to the gym or start lifting heavy weights… I am talking about a daily walk, run, bike ride or even a 20 minutes of an exercise routine at home. This is FREE therapy!
  • Set realistic goals and keep track of the progress. If you need motivation, find a good  training partner!
  • BE CONSISTENT with your plan! make it a habit, your body is not a trend!

Here are some workouts ideas to exercise at home: