5 essential pieces you must have in your wardrobe

I have to confess that I love to shop, I enjoy matching pieces and making new outfits constantly but that passion sometimes hits the budget and become a habit hard to maintain.

I want to share with you the 5 key pieces that you must have in your closet to multiply the amount of outfits you can get from your existing inventory.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will show you how to pair every single piece in detail.

1. Classic Button-Down White Shirt: a long sleeve white shirt is the perfect complement for jeans, dressy pants, shorts and skirts. It can be used in a casual setting or as part of your work outfit. My recommendation is the get a semi-fitted cut to enhance your shape (not too tight, you don’t want the buttons to open)



2. Dark pair of Jeans: Jeans are a very versatile piece of clothes, especially in a dark color since you can wear it day or night playing with the top and accessories for a casual or a dressy look. The boot cut and the waist height will depend on your personal preference. If you are an active person or have kids I highly recommend to go with a Mid Rise Cut, so you can make sure you are not showing more than you want to!



3. Blazer: Blazers are a great piece to have since they can totally change the look of an outfit and make it step up. You can use them with almost everything: dresses, shorts, jeans and pants. The color of the blazer will depend on your color taste and the clothes you already have in your wardrobe. I personally like white, blue or camel for and everyday or resort casual look. If you work, black will be a must have for you!

One final tip pick the blazer that best shape your waist without being too tight.


4. Black Dress: the timeless piece! A black dress will never let you down, you can wear it in a formal setting or a casual occasion, the key is to use the right accessories and shoes. For example: during day time you can match it with flat sandals and a cute belt. For night time heels and a sparkle necklace will make the outfit.

The style of the dress will depend on your personality and life style!

black dress


5. Black Pants: a classic black pant is a must have for every woman’s wardrobe. This versatile piece can make you shine in the movie theater, a fancy restaurant or the office. Selecting the cut of the pant will vary depending your daily activity and your social life. For a classic look, straight leg pants will be perfect. The skinny ones will give you a more contemporary look when you pair it with a nice top.