Can exercise damage your skin?


Exercising has so many good effects for your mind and body… By exercising you gain great levels of energy which will help you get through the day with a positive attitude and outstanding performance.

Being physically active can even benefit your skin since it promotes healthy circulation… but if you have sensitive skin, you will need to take special care to keep it protected while exercising to avoid acne and breakouts.

Here some important tips to help prevent acne or breakouts from exercising:

  • Don’t exercise with makeup: exercise and sweating go hand in hand. When you sweat your pores open up to liberate your body of toxins and impurities. The combination of sweat, natural skin oils and makeup can clog your pores. To avoid this make sure you clean your face well and dry your sweat often.
  • Clean the gym equipment and mats: gym machines and mats are very likely to be dirty and full of bacteria which can easily end up on your face. Wipe equipment before and after your exercise routine and avoid touching your face during exercising.
  • Wash your hands and face right after exercise: it is common after working out to leave the gym and move onto the next activity. Washing your hands and face will help you get rid of any mat residue, especially  if you’re prone to breaking out.
  • Don’t overtrain: experts say that training too hard can cause you to lose elasticity in your skin.  This results from more oxygen or free-radical damage which occurs during highly strenuous activities.