My son’s birthday just passed and as usual we always ask our kids how would they like to celebrate their birthdays… Well, Justin wanted a trip to London but that was out of the question since it is quite a expensive present for a 7 year old boy! We opted to go to NYC instead since he loves the city and we could also visit my sister who recently moved to NJ.

During our visit we had a great time! We celebrated with a few presents and even organized a little party so family could celebrate with us. (even when his real birthday followed a few days later).



Aside from the London request the only thing he asked for was a Whale cake that he personally picked from Pinterest ahead of time.

So… Finally the big day arrived and to my surprise he asks… “mom are you ready to put together my party decorations for today?”…. Really???? I thought it was clear that it will be just a cake!

Well, all the plans for the morning got set aside and I got to work to make my son’s Whale party a reality!

I have to confess, I love to decorate! We have many left over from other parties at home, so I didn’t need much to pull the party together.

There was a slight improvisation since I did’t know how to make balloon whales, we decided to go with balloon fish.

Here what I used:

About 12 balloons (different colors for the fish body).
24 white balloons (for the fish eyes)
About 30 twisted balloons (For the fish tail).
Balloon pump to inflate the balloons.
Finding Dora kid cups from Target (as a party favor) ($3)
Glass Vases (For center pieces)
Food Color (to color de water in  the center pieces)
Tablecloths and table runners
Disposable plates