Motherhood is a guilt trip…


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The other day I was in my bootcamp class and I invited one of the girls to a fashion event taking place that evening, her answer was “I would love to go but I promised my son I would spend time with him… I feel like I have been working non stop and I haven’t taken him anywhere… You know my friend, motherhood is a guilt trip!”

I found the comment hilarious because that same exact feeling dawned on me the minute I had my first baby…

  • If the baby is hungry and the bottle wasn’t ready to go… GUILTY
  • You have to go back to work and had to enroll the baby in daycare… EXTRA GUILTY… REALLY BAD!
  • Decide to get away with your husband for the weekend… HORRIBLE MOM! GUILTY!
  • Don’t have time for your husband because you are totally busy with the kiddos… THAT MARRIAGE IS GOING TO FAIL… AND YOU ARE GUILTY!
  • Go shopping just for you… GUILTY
  • Feed anything other than organic home made food??? GUILTY
  • How about the free dress day that you missed… Pretty bad huh! GUILTY
  • And how about the stay at home mom that put on hold her professional dreams to start from zero in a subject that wasn’t part of the college curricula… GUILTY AND MOODY FOR SURE!

We can go on and on and never finish with the guilty verdicts! the reality is that as women we have to celebrate the amazing things we accomplish every day… no matter what road you are on, know that you are doing your best and be proud.

No one said that having kids was an easy job but the guilty feeling is there for sure and a topic people rarely talk about.

After 7 years of whipping myself with this guilty feeling I decided to make the change. It’s not just what makes me happy personally and professionally but also the opportunity to make a further positive impact for my family… As a result of the change I started experiencing growth and feeling contagious happiness… Reinventing motherhood in a personalized way is the first class ticket to bring you back from a guilt trip!

There is always a reason for your actions… never doubt yourself and always be proud!

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