Celebrating a birthday soon? check this out for budget friendly ideas

I just recently celebrated my 35th birthday! Between my son’s birthday and coming off the heels of summer the date tends to sneak up on me. This year was no different,  we wound up pulling together a last minute get together with a few of my friends.

Not one to shy away a last minute challenge, I quickly organized everything literally the night before the party!

Here is what I did to make it look beautiful and on budget!

  1. Leveraged my super useful black tablecloth and paired it with zebra table runners to give the table a touch of texture.

TIPS: you can find very affordable tablecloths and runners at tablecloths factory.com. Just make sure you order with time to avoid express delivery charges. This runner was just a simple piece of fabric with the ends ironed to give it a nice finish.



2. To add some color I used yellow roses ($7 at Publix), 2 big bubble ball vases and 3 small ones ($1 each at the dollar store) plus some greenery from my backyard. In addition, I put some waterproof lights in the vases.




3. To avoid any chance of getting stuck doing dishes I opted to go with disposable plates. I found these gorgeous square plates at Party City. The silver one was used as a dinner plate and the black one for dessert. The napkin added the final touch! Just a little bit of ribbon and a regular white napkin is all you need to make bow ties!


4. Food wise… I decided to go with Italian since is very affordable and delicious! If you live in the Fort Lauderdale area in Florida check out Downtown Pizza! they have a great selection and outstanding service. (they took my order -4 hours before the party- and set up everything at my house on time!

TIP: check the smaller restaurants in your area to cater parties… you may be pleasantly surprised!

Best of all, we had an amazing time and no dishes to wash! LOL


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