About 2 years ago my dear friend Paola Cetares was working on the production of a documentary named Full Time Moms… Full time Heroes, she did an amazing job putting together the thoughts of 3 full time moms with different backgrounds and lifestyles. The second part of her project was to honor the working moms as well, because every mom, no matter where her path has taken her has to wake up every morning and face her own  challenges… at the end of the day,  we are all FULL TIME HEROES!

This project came back to my mind when I recently had to visit the doctor to get some tests run, to be precise an Urodynamic test… I honestly had no clue what this test was all about, I just knew that it would be VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!

The day started as usual….. wake up very early, get my kids ready for school, do my daughters hair (happened to be picture day at the school) and hurry off to drop them at school on time. Everything was running as planned until my daughter (4 years old) decided that her hair style was no longer beautiful (Yes! right there at the classroom door). She started crying with the fullest of emotions leaving me only 2 choices: leave her there crying (she would never forget that day because of the puffy eyes on the picture) or wet her hair (to get rid of the can of hair spray I had put on her) and just let her have her everyday look. I opted for number 2, since it was guaranteed to be a lose-lose.

Fast forward to 9:00 am at the doctor office, when I get called by the person who will perform the test. She came across very professional and nice but also serious… I thought to myself, maybe she is just concentrating on the task at hand. Then came the instructions and we got to work right away… For those who don’t know this test is pretty awkward since you basically have to pee right in front of another person…

To break the ice we start talking about having kids and the incontinence that often accompanies vaginal deliveries… then I started telling her about my picture day morning drama! and guess what? She too had a picture day water bottle drama as well that morning with her little daughter! Here we are 2 complete strangers with almost the same exact stories… after that we start talking about our lives… and I gained more and more respect for this young woman and her family.

She doesn’t just work full time, she also goes to school to pursue her life dream to become a nurse. In addition, she raises her kids with the BIG help of her amazing husband (who also has a tough and rewarding job as a police officer). Together they are strong taking on life’s challenges most of important of which is managing the health of one of her daughters…

The most amazing part of this story is the energy this lady gave me that morning was beyond comprehension… she did not complain once and had such a positive attitude on life that I left the doctor office feeling motivated more than words can describe!

Today, I just want to honor all the women who are fighting their challenges and pushing forward to make things happen! In this case, a special shout out to that young lady that who really made my day!

I would like to share Full Time Moms, Full Time Heroes. Documentary produced and directed by Paola Cetares