Ocean View, Full Moon and Yoga… tempting isn’t it?


This week has been a week of a few firsts for me! It started with the Lip Reader experience and ended with my first time doing Yoga…

For those who are reading my blog for the first time I have to tell you I am a passionate runner and bootcamper but Yoga has never been part of my training schedule (even when everyone keeps telling me great things about it), I think it is because I like sports with a fast pace and intensity.

Well, this week I decided to give Yoga a chance since the W Fort Lauderdale Hotel was hosting an event called The Journey, a Full Moon Yoga Experience & Fiery Open Drum Circle… Sounded interesting and after all how hard can Yoga be, right?

Well, let me tell you IT WAS VERY INTENSE!!! not just physically but also mentally! This event was not your regular 1 hour yoga class, they kicked things off with a meditation session along with an advisory that crying and/or expressing yourself was ok… At this point I was thinking, crying? give me a break! To cut to the chase, 15 minutes into a few activities with some random participants and my eyes where full of tears accompanied with an amazing level of energy .. To make things even more spectacular a full moon started to come out and the view was just stunning!

Between the meditation session and the actual class we had time to relax and admire the ocean and the moon. It was a great opportunity to just sit back, enjoy the sky and the stars and be grateful for the problems you don’t have!

Then Cristal Gould, our Yogi host started the class… She killed me!!! I was dying (good dying) after the first 20 minutes, but the way she carried the class made you forget about it so I just keep pushing. At the end I felt so relaxed, so good (and sore LOL) and I now appreciate Yoga from a totally different perspective… Definitely highly recommend it!

I’m really looking forward to another “Journey Night” at the W Fort Lauderdale!

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Here I share some pictures of this amazing experience!