Looking for the perfect Theme to celebrate your kid birthday party?

If you are one of those moms who likes to be creative and wants a different theme for your kids birthday … then this post is for you!

It is very common to see parties ideas of favorite movie characters or TV shows, but what if we try something different like a beach theme for our little ones?

This weekend, I had the opportunity to celebrate the 1st year of life of baby Bernard, my dear friend Flavia’s son. She was able to put together such a beautiful and sophisticated party!

I loved every single detail of it! and I will share with you some ideas to help make of your kids parties and unforgettable event too.

  1. Look for pieces at home that can create different levels for your decoration, this way each element will have their own space and will add some dimension to it. TIP: In this case they used tables and trays to display beautiful goody bags and candy buffet.
  2. Select your party colors and style and stick to them!


3) Use your desserts and cake as decoration as well. Find a pretty way to display them and save some money in decor!


4) Make your goody bags master pieces! If you have time and patience try making different style goody bags and fill them with fun things. The kids will love them and mommies may use them as a decor for the kids room.

If you are not so crafty, go to etsy.com and find someone who can make them for you!



I hope you like this party theme as much as I do… and Happy Birthday Bernard!!!

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