We Are All Mad Here! a sophisticated theme party…

The last couple weeks my friend Lorena and I have been working hard putting together a very special party!

This year we decided to run the Mom’s Club for our kids school. Our goal? to get moms to meet new moms, get some kid free time, have fun and also raise some money for the school… sounds straight forward right? Well, the challenge is that the girls who have being running the club for several years now are AWESOME and definitely set the bar! we have big shoes to fill!

Yesterday the big day finally arrived! and the Mad Hatters Luncheon took place at a local Country Club. I was concerned going into the event, we had a ton of decorations to display and just a few hours budgeted for the setup! Not to mention, that we also had to look the part – dress, hair, makeup, the works =)

Much to my surprise, everything went very smooth.  This was very much in part due to Lorena and I having great communication between us.  We also spent quite a bit of time on the planning which is the key to success for any complex event. Finally, a big part of our success was having the full support and guidance from our predecessors who provided great advice to us along the way.

I’ll follow up with a later post with key tips to organize a successful event without the headaches! Today, I would like to share with you some of the great photos of our Mad Hatters Party Decor!

Stay tuned,  I will also share some of the beautiful outfits our elegant guests wore for the occasion… You will not want to miss it!

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  • The entrance and the registration table.


  • Our Photo Spot!



  • The VIP Table



  • VIP Goody Bags Courtesy of Neiman Marcus


  • The desert table decor


  • A few of our generous donors!



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