He Fought the Fight Too…

As many of you know, I am training to run the St. Jude Marathon on December 3, 2016. This event means so much to me and my family for many reasons. I signed up for the race to honor a very special child who battled cancer like a champion. Brandon, who was just 6 years old when he earned his angel wings fought as hard as he could against cancer… we all say he won the fight. Brandon and his family taught many of us the real meaning of life, about having faith and being able to overcome any situation with a big smile and a positive attitude.

This year I decided to raise money in Brandon’s name to help the kids that are still fighting the fight and racing for their lives. I felt this would be a great way to pay respect for Brandon and share his legacy.

Very recently, during my training for this race, this monster called cancer hit home again. This time it took the life of another innocent child named Kevin.

Kevin was a sweet boy. He was full of energy. He loved swimming the most, he could easily be in the pool from 8 am till the evening hours. He loved his parents very much and his little sister Madzia.


Kevin (9) is my good friend and running teammate, Maggie’s nephew. He was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer which took his life so quickly… I will be running on his name too.

Lastly, I would be remised if I didn’t mention my childhood friend, Maria Alejandra Vidal (9) who passed away from Leukemia. I still remember her with that white hat and contagious smile.

I bring this up not to be sad… this is about celebrating what Brandon, Kevin and Maria Alejandra and countless others have taught us… their determination to inspire people to live life to the fullest, to teach every single human being that being alive is a blessing, that material things are just temporary and that the true meaning of our existence is to be happy and grateful for every single breath and step we take…

The work that St. Jude is doing in research and treatment is making a difference. Our support for this great cause and the people behind it is critical. Thank you again for your kind support, together we win.

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