Outfit of the day: Casual Chic Style on a friendly budget!

This week we have been sharing ideas to stay sharp looking even on those days we would prefer to be in PJ’s the whole day!

The holiday season gets so busy with events and parties day and night, it requires extra effort to maximize the pieces we already own and get creatives with new looks. What about those days  we really don’t feel like going on into a full production mode? i.e. those days we barely have time to get the kids ready in the morning and have zero cycles to think about what are we wearing?

Sound familiar? Don’t worry I have you covered! Stay tuned for useful tips and the best deals for this holiday season!

Today, my friend Maggie selected this beautiful outfit for her kids Thanksgiving show at school.

A pair of jogger pants along with a fitted top could be a very casual outfit. Simply adding elements like a kimono cardigan or a scarf elevates the look right away. Don’t forget to complement with nice accessories like she did! Also… don’t be afraid of wearing your bling during the day… this season is all about metallics and sparkles!


  • Gucci Sandals (budget friendly option click here)
  • BCBG Joggers (budget friendly option click here)
  • Sofia Kimono Cardigan (budget friendly option click here)
  • Necklace from Etiquette (budget friendly option click here)
  • Bracelets from PrettyPleaseCouture (budget friendly option click here)
  • Hermes Bag (Budget friendly choice click here)

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