The golden rules on picking up that special “Present” during the Holidays


With Christmas rapidly approaching I would like to take the opportunity to comment on that feeling most of us have experienced at least once in our life… The moment your significant other shows up with a “present”.

The first thing you see… the size of the box, if it is small and you get lucky, you have a new addition to your jewelry box… if is medium sized, you are still in the safety zone since it could be a purse or clothes. However, if the box is too big, there is 80% chance that you are going to have to display that special smile… Yes, the fifth place finalist smile… because you are getting a vacuum cleaner, perhaps a new set of pots (not so bad if you like to cook), a bed cover or other household related item you can buy any other time of the year!

To help you minimize those odds of getting something totally inappropriate for our special celebration, here are a few golden rules for buying a present for the modern woman:

  • If I can not wear it… chances are it is not a present

  • If you can buy it at the supermarket… is definitely not that special

  • If you have never seen me using something similar… please do not get creative

  • If it has cleaning purposes… you are in trouble for sure (Unless is a Roomba Robot)

  • If you make it… that will be a hit

  • If you are not sure… JUST ASK!

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