Full time… moms, wives, workers, heroes, you name it!


For many of us the days are packed with things to do, our schedules are non stop with all sorts of mom and business duties… We always seem to find a way to manage and get things done.

This week has been no different. Yesterday, my day kicked off with a grocery store mission, buying every single item you can imagine missing in the pantry and fridge…  salt, milk, snacks, deli stuff, meat, cleaning product… you name it I ran out of it!

Everything would be business as usual except when you add 2 wonderful kids to the supermarket adventure (Did I mention my kids has a 1 week Thanksgiving Break?) so here I am at 8:00 am with the goal of get everything done by 10:30 am because a have a business meeting at 11 (at home of course since I have the kids).

After 1 hour of put your shoes on, get dressed, brush your teeth, eat your cereal… we finally made it out of the house… Everything ran smoothly at the supermarket (beside the extra $$$ you spend on the kids with the last minute adds-on)

After the 1 1/2 hour supermarket overload we quickly stopped by a restaurant to bring home some lunch. (At this point I took cooking away from the list to simplify things).

11:00 am: Here we are at home “on time” for the meeting. My client arrives with her 2 kids so they can have a play date while we get things done.

2 hours later, after feeding the kids, listening to their stories… many of them… several times… After a bloody toe, a bandage and some ice cream, the time frame for the meeting was over and surprisingly we were able to multitask and discuss everything on the agenda. Not bad huh? 

The next couple hours were filled with clean up time, school duties, laundry and blog work to finish the day with a mommy and kids amazing workout at the park, bath, dinner, reading… and more sad to say more laundry!!!


Now, here I am thinking about all those AMAZING women out there that work super hard to make things happen… and most of the time no one notices (not even us) how many things we get done every day!

So… give yourself a big hug (or maybe a brand new pair of shoes LOL) and some cheers for that great ability to multitask and run the show playing many if not all of the characters on the set! 

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