When American Airlines, Java City, and Gucci come together at 30k feet


There is a reason why they call it the Holiday spirit. Just make sure you aren’t the one swearing upstairs if things get a little crazy this season.

My husband, who is a true road warrior shared a story about what happened on his flight to LAX today. We should probably just call this blog post “Surviving Holiday Travel”.

On a 5 hour plus flight, most at some point need to get up and go… This is a reality, when nature calls, it calls!

During one of these bio breaks, one woman accidentally knocked over 10C’s (aisle seat) full cup of coffee right into an apparently new Gucci handbag. Obviously, this woman on woman crime was not intentional but the outcry and the verbal lashing from the victim to the offender was apparently well noted by most on the plane. Despite several apologies and brining napkins nothing was going to subdue the rant that continued on and on.


1. If you drink coffee, drink it before you get on plane

2. If you ignore #1 then at least put a lid on it and drink it quick, this isn’t Sunday brunch. You are better off drinking water.

3. A win for travel is getting to where you are going in one place safely! Don’t forget the mission.

4. There is a reason why flight attendants ask you to stow your bags underneath the seat in front of you. Unless your objective is to keep the planes carpet from getting spilled on.

5. You aren’t going to change the past, if someone makes a mistake – forgive and let it go!

6. Only travel with expensive stuff (handbags, suitcases, etc. if you are willing to part with it. Don’t be that person jumping out the exit door with your Gucci handbag and suitcase.)

7. Your kids are watching, handle the response appropriately.

8. Screaming at your kids because some stranger knocked over your coffee won’t change anything except making the cabin noise louder.

9. Bring headphones or earplugs in case this happens on one of your flights, unless you enjoy the drama.

10. Be nice, maybe Santa will put another Gucci or whatever you are hoping for under the Christmas tree!

Remember, be nice there are people out there that have it tough. Material things come and go but kindness can’t be bought and is what people will remember you for!

Do you have any other travel tip that you want to share with us? Please do it in the comments below!

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