Dress up your table for Christmas!

Holiday season is a special time to celebrate life with family and friends! We have the opportunity to remember all of those happy memories we made throughout the year and be grateful for the wonderful things we have and for the problems we don’t have!

What a better way to celebrate the gathering all our love ones than to share a delicious meal with them. Here are some tips to transform your table for those special occasions in no time and on a friendly budget!

  1.  Go to your local Christmas tree store and ask for pine branches and pine trunk pieces (they normally give them to you for free). you can use the pine also to complement some of the existing decor (like the Nutcrackers for example) or to decorate your silverware.
  2. Table Trees are a big trend this year for decoration, pick your favorites and mix match them as you want!
  3. You can also use your Christmas ball ornaments as a table decoration! Put them on a vase floating on water or on top of a candle holder.
  4. If you are not in the mood for clean up after your dinner… get disposable chargers plates and plates, they will add a very fancy touch to your table without expending too much money.
  5. Keep in mind… everything that you have at home (candles, vases, fruits) can be used as a decoration, just be a little creative!

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Cutlery tied up with napkin

Christmas bauble ball on wooden plank




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