Ready to dial up your 2017 Resolutions… 5 useful tips to get it done!


Every year most of us set goals to be accomplished for the New Year, unfortunately a high percentage of these ambitious goals are forgotten in the first trimester.

How to  make certain this will not happen to us?

  1. Who’s Goals?: when defining your goals keep in mind the key for success is that you have to be in control of your plans. Setting goals that directly depend on other people is the easiest way to fail… If you are not happy in your marriage, the goal  can’t be changing your husband’s ways! Be careful clear on your real objective and make sure your are the one in charge of the execution.
  2. Set REALISTIC goals: it is ok if you want to double your salary by the end of March, and to lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks… that is great if your goal is to get frustrated and fail in less than 2 weeks! The key to goal setting is to outline things that you can stretch to accomplish. Keep in mind a lot of projects take time and effort to see sustainable results.
  3. Establish priorities: you probably have 20 things in your mind to get done and that is awesome! The truth to achieving results is FOCUS! Prioritize your goals and give all your attention to the top 5.
  4. Create an action plan: analyze every goal and write down what it takes to get it done. Lets say if you want to lose weight – you will need to eat healthy on a regular basis, maybe see a nutritionist, exercise…
  5. Execute the “action plan”: creating the action plan is great but executing it is what allows you to succeed! Integrate your actions into your daily routine, stick to it and DO NOT CHEAT! If you are trying to save money then erase all the shopping apps from your mobile and block all the ad emails!
  6. Track results: Create measurements to track progress, this allows you to stay motivated throughout the journey of achieving your goal! Remember if something is not working… change the strategy, DO NOT GIVE UP! Sometimes finding a partner/coach to supervise your progress is a good way to stay in track.

New Years Resolutions are a great way to create a plan for the upcoming year.  Remember… you are in control and responsible for your success!


Good luck and have a WONDERFUL 2017!

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