Open letter from a mom to that young lady at CPK


Dear young lady,

You probably don’t realize this because you “obviously” don’t have kids yet… so let me do you the simple favor and help educate you on what it takes to be a “mom” should you ever be up for the task.

Let me start by telling you that for the last 7 years of my life I had invested roughly 60,480 hours raising well behaved little human beings… YES! that includes  days and night, a lot of happy moments and yes… at times some tears.  The fact that you brought it upon yourself to interrupt, in a very impolite way, my family and my friend’s family dinner… by screaming at us (in front of 4 kids of course) that we “have” to leave the restaurant because “EVERYBODY” is annoyed by our kids voices is quite frankly out of line.

Anyone who knows me can tell that my kids have clear rules on how to behave… and they do a pretty good job… what else would you expect with 60,000 hours of training?

To be absolutely honest, yes the 4 kids were talking the whole time and no… they were not using library voice for sure… It was 6:30 pm in a family friendly restaurant (California Pizza Kitchen) and they were definitely NOT screaming. Note… if you want quiet restaurant there 100’s of other places in South Florida you could have gone. #opentable

So my dear young lady, the simple fact of having 4 kids under 7 years old “SITTING DOWN” at a table for 1 1/2 hours WITHOUT STANDING UP OUT OF THEIR SEATS at any time is a pretty good proof point of outstanding manners… of course you wouldn’t know this since you clearly don’t have children yet. To be blunt,  I really don’t fault your ignorance even though I would never remotely contemplate doing such a horrible thing – screaming at someone else kids in a fit of rage. I too at one point used to think from the pedestal … “my kids will never be like those kids over there”.

Lucky for you, my response after you decided to verbally assault our table… Be an example of GOOD BEHAVIOR and POLITENESS for my children!

Honestly, dear young lady you took me by surprise… I have to confess that I was so tired that I was delayed on my natural motherly instincts (which was an advantage for you)… so I just stared at you and let you take all your anger back to your table.

After a couple minutes analyzing the situation better and looking at you for another 30 minutes, because I did not leave the restaurant as your wishes stated … I realized that we weren’t the problem, it wasn’t my kids, it wasn’t the wine that you were not able to enjoy in a quiet environment… you dear are the problem!!!

This was the simple explanation offered to my kids, who asked me what was wrong with that lady… I laid it out for them like this…  unfortunately not everyone in the world lives a happy life like us and sometimes miserable people try to spread their negatives feelings to others just to feel better.  Self control is something that I teach to my kids everyday, maybe you missed those hours of training…

I have to THANK YOU for being the perfect example for my kids to learn what NOT TO DO and for adding to my countless hours of training for another lesson about RESPECT and manners…

I want to finish by asking you a favor… next time that you feel like spreading your misery please target people your age. The act of messing with happy kids is pretty pathetic and accomplishes absolutely nothing… I want to let you know that you were in our nighttime prayers tonight, we asked for you to have a better day tomorrow so maybe you can experience what happiness feels like, additionally, we ask for you and your kids (if you should ever get the honor to be called a mom) to never experience something like this…

Enjoy a HAPPY rest of your life…

Note: Thank you to all the staff at CPK for been so apologetic for your client’s behavior… we understand that situations like this are out of your control, it is always good to know that you are definitely a “family friendly” place.

Best Regards,

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