What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party?

This weekend is the long awaited Super Bowl! It is no secret the big game brings tons of excitement and fun celebrations!

So… if you are wondering what to wear for your Super Bowl party, here some fun ideas to score a touchdown in the fashion department!

For a casual look jeans are a great option, they are the perfect piece to go to games or any other sporting event! Complement your jeans with a nice top and a sweater or jacket (if you want to use layers in case of cold weather). Shoes wise you could use sneakers, the jeweled ones are so in these days, or nice boots or heels. 

Accessories will be an important part of the outfit if you do not want to use (or don’t have) your Pats or Falcons team shirt. Necklaces, scarfs, earrings or bracelets with your team colors is a must!

For a more elevated look, a nice dress and booties will do it… finish the look with a nice jacket and accessories.

Patriots Fans

…Blue, Red and White


Falcons Fans

… Black, Red and White

Pictures source: Pinterest


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