Stay at Home Mom? Stay Active, Stay Happy

First, I want to clarify one point… I did not use the typical picture of a woman with messy hair and dark circles under her eyes … The image of the stay at home mom has changed and evolved… staying at home is a full time job, requires management skills, tons of patience and a whole bunch of knowledge you likely didn’t pick up in school!

It is common for those of us who stay at home to care for our little ones to caught up in a routine and over time this routine will start to consume our energy, patience and good mood. Why? well… because is tiring, because it can get redundant… YES! the same routine every single day can get to us.

I wore those shoes for many many years and here is my humble advice for stay at home moms! please read with an open mind… I am well aware we are always on the go, with a to do list full of points but there are always a couple tasks that we can skip for the day, do later or even forget about 😉

  1. Prioritize: to make this work we have to start by letting some things go and take it easy… For example if you could opt to not cook the “perfect dinner” today… It’s ok! You may have time to do it tomorrow! The key is to find time for you and that may mean waking up earlier, or go to bed later than usual. Remember NO EXCUSES, erase the words “I don’t have time”.
  2. Solo time: enjoy your solo time, instead of doing laundry while your child naps, take that moment to do something you enjoy to do, read a book, nap, exercise… the key is to get rid of any notion of guilt. For some odd reason we have a bad habit (sometimes unconsciously) of thinking we can’t or shouldn’t have fun. Most every job offers up a lunch hour for the employee to take break, an expectation of a fixed number of work hours in a day and hopefully you also get vacation time… being a stay at home mom is a job too so make it a good one.
  3. Stay Physically Active: don’t get confused here! moms are ALWAYS active… how can we not be? children keep you really really active all day long! What I mean is active in grown up activities like exercise for example… Going for a walk or run is therapeutic! Yes! with the stroller or without… You have never gone for a run? there is always a first! You have knee problems? just walk! the key here is get rid of the excuses! It is easy to make up a good excuse to not get moving but believe me, after you do it you will feel like a million dollars!
  4. Stay Mentally Active: another vital aspect here is to keep your adult mind in place! Yes! if you spend 20 hours a day reasoning with a toddler or a teanager there is a strong possibility you’ll end it up acting like one! (just kidding)… Sign up for a book club, or volunteer for a group, find a mom’s group. This does not include a conversation about the kids day with your partner!
  5. Delegate: make your family participate in the daily shores too! teach your kids to clean up the table after a meal, to clean up their rooms, to keep the shoes in place (not in the living room). Families should work like a team not a solo band. Doing it all doesn’t make you wonder woman it makes you a tired (and grumpy) woman!

I am not a psychologist, therapist or any other type of specialist… I am just a mom who found her way to enjoy life more on all fronts!

There is always time to make it happen and do what you like, btw I wrote this at 5AM so we can definitely find the time if we want to!


On an inspirational note! The woman on the picture is my friend Angela Sebaly who managed to take care of her 2 beautiful children while opening 2 successful businesses and writing and publishing a book! She made it happen, so you can!


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