Building healthy habits!


As many of you already know, I  love to exercise, I love my family, I love to write, I am very good at keeping my house organized, I am a passionate entrepreneur… but I am definitely not skilled in the kitchen department!

I’ve made a conscious effort to emphasize healthy eating habits and seek out easy (and yummy) recipes which works well with my busy lifestyle. The goal is to keep my family from eating out or doing take out on a daily basis.

While on my mission to find additional help in this area, I reconnected with a former colleague (from mass media school) and friend Loana Duque.  Loana is an experienced certified fitness nutritionist, she also studied holistic cooking and is a nutrition and fitness coach!

After several 1 on 1 sessions in nutrition and health, I asked Loana if she would be willing to share her knowledge and coach Yuly360 readers… and she AGREED!

I’m happy to announce that Loana will be sharing content with us on a regular basis. For more frequent updates about health and nutrition you can also follow her on Instagram @LoaDuque.

Welcome to Yuly360, Loana!

Here is her first article, hope you enjoy it!

Building healthy habits!

by Loana Duque – Nutrition Coach and Founder of FitLosophy


It’s common knowledge that eating healthy and being active is important… it improves our quality of life, gives us more energy, reduces stress… and yields hundreds of other benefits.

I have personally witnessed the radical changes (for the better) when we start incorporating healthy habits into our lives on a daily basis.

Once we have made the decision to change it can still be difficult  – we often don’t have the time or sometimes even know how to get started!  How do I work things around the kids schedule? Do I follow the last miracle-diet? Should I detox with green juices? What’s better- indoor cycling or CrossFit? Do I believe what the influencers in social media have to say?

Well, most important of all… don’t panic! Let’s just take this one step at a time because this lifestyle change is a race where the winners are those who are the most consistent – not the sprinters…The decisions, habits and routines you commit to now will make a big difference in your life and your family life.

To get started, it is important that we take the time to review what makes up our typical day. We are normally in an auto-pilot mode and everything we do seems to be programmed. Coincidentally, there is a scientific explanation for this.

According to Ann Graybiel from MIT “the brain does not differentiate between good or bad habits, that’s why if you have a bad one, it will always be stalking you, waiting for the sign and the reward” this explains why it’s hard to build a habit of working out or changing our eating habits for the better. Once we’ve developed a habit of sitting on the couch or putting away a box of donuts instead of exercising or going out for a run, these bad patterns become engrained in our heads.

By the same token, if we push ourselves to establish new routines which overcome previous “bad routines” we will start to see changes we seek.

Every person is different, my recommendation is to seek out professional help (in nutrition and training) but I recognize that is not always possible. So, here I would like to share some small recommendations – which will make a big difference. Most important of all you can get started right after you finish reading this post!

  • Check your grocery shopping list: this is a priority as healthy eating starts with what you buy in the grocery store. You will eat what you have available! Prioritize fresh products and avoid processed and refined foods.
  • Start moving: choose an activity that motivates you and one you enjoy! If you don’t know which one…explore several and keep trying until you find it! I’m sure there is one activity for you out there! Begin with 30 minutes, 3x a week and you’ll notice the change.
  • Rest and sleep well: sometimes we forget about this, but lack of sleep contributes to cravings, anxiety and a lack of energy. Please sleep at least 7 hours!

Last but not least, my advice is to enjoy the journey you are about to start! Don’t compare yourself to others. You can accomplish what you wish for, if you make the commitment … trust me!

It’s never too late to start and we are all in this together!!

Loana Duque

Instagram: @LoaDuque