by Loana Duque – Nutrition Coach and Founder of FitLosophy


You wake up… start your day with all planned… good breakfast…take the kids to school… or go to the gym… had some fruits and peanuts for snack… lunch… you had your pm snack in your purse… then you arrived home… and want to eat the whole world because you are starving.

Been there! And this is one of the biggest struggles I hear from the people I work with. Normally I review their day and find what is making the downhill at night.

Even though every case is different, here are some recommendations to help you avoid this:

  • Make sure you eat well and enough during the day: don’t skip meals…and don’t restrict yourself to eat less calories.  Eat plenty of vegetables for lunch… this will help feel satisfied.
  • Try with a Meal prep day: once a week, plan your meals for rest of the week! Sundays may be a good idea. Clean, cut and preserve some vegetables in the fridge, prepare some chicken with different recipes in advance. With this you will only need 10 minutes or less to eat, once you get home.
  • Don’t eat too late: if you wait a lot of time to eat, you will be hungrier… so it’s better to do it “early” at night. this will also help you to sleep early and you will be reenergized the next day.
  • Look out for emotional eating: often we use food as a reward…or as comfort. When you are facing those moments of anxiety, stop for a minute and think about what’s happening… and remember your goal.


Hope this helps 🙂

Loana Duque

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