Business Looks, Ideas for the Modern Woman


Many of you have asked me to write about how to wear business clothes without falling into the traditional and sometimes boring business look.

For me there is one objective that must be realized in every work outfit: looking professional and classy. The cleavages and mini skirts are awesome and I really love them but every outfit must match the occasion and the image we want to project… in this case it’s that of a business woman!

At the workplace we want to build an image that speaks respect, knowledge, confidence, passion, self -belief, assertiveness, sense of purpose, hard work… and as far as I am concerned all of these have nothing to do with showing too much skin. So be thoughtful when selecting your work clothes, keep in mind what your goals are and don’t forget to dress for the position you want to get next 😉

Having said that here are some tips to achieve a modern professional look:

  • Tops: you can go with the classic look with a fitted button down shirt. You can also use silky blouses (long sleeve or sleeveless). If you live in a tropical weather location you can go with more fitted tops.


  • Mid Rise Ankle Pants: I suggest mid rise since it is more comfortable to move around than low rise pants. Also they accentuate your waist and make your legs look longer. (If you have a short torso you may want to try low rise bottoms).
  • mid rise columnist ankle pant
  • Skirts: Pencil skirts… plain, with ruffles, lace, patterned… you name it, they are my favorite so far. You can use them with or without jacket.


  • Jackets/ Blazer: tweed jackets are so in this season, you can use them with skirts, work pants and even jeans for an business casual look. Classic blazer with fitted cuts are perfect too.



  • Dresses: anything from A-line, ruffle, sheath and shift dresses are perfect for a work wardrobe, just pay special attention to the length of the piece (not mini dresses). If you are on the petite side avoid dresses or skirts below the knee, they will make you look short.


Don’t be shy about playing with colors and patterns…

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