Fashion Confessions of a Shopaholic

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my weekly Fashion Confessions!

As I have told you before I love fashion and everything that comes with it. I dedicate time to help amazing women project their goals and life messages into their image with their daily fashion selections!

Believe it or not our clothes and the way we wear them shout out to the world who we are, how we want to be seen and even what kind of day we are having!

Most of the time, I manage to find very good deals in clothes. Stay tuned to get all my secrets on where to find the best deals on high end designers clothes and accessories, and to get different and more affordable choices which work the same but on a friendlier budget!

The Fashion Confession of this week…

I am wearing:

  • Blouse and Ruffle Skirt from Scripted: The top is sold out but here different options for you to match the skirt. Click for Option 1 and option 2
  • Shoes: Black sandals from Aquazzura similar
  • Handbag: Victoire by Louis Vuitton


Friendly budget option: Floral Dress $14.99



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