Is Your Wardrobe Ready for Fall?

Fashion is a very dynamic world, it is constantly being reinvented. We see new trends on old pieces, everything comes and goes but the one thing that remains constant or better to say “evolves” at our own pace is our style!

My humble advice to all off you modern and super busy women out there is to check what is already there, pick  pieces that which resonates to you and make it your own… there are basic fashion rules to keep in mind (I would said most of them are common sense) but the most important one is to feel confident and rock every single look that reflects who you are.

Another detail that almost all of us have in mind is the budget or the real value of a piece… The only thing I can say here is we are all different, we have different lifestyles and priorities and that is what it makes us “unique”… to me the beauty of fashion goes beyond a price tag, it is more about the way you decide to embrace the world every day, in heel or flats, it starts with your attitude and the message you deliver to the world with every step… it is how you project and more importantly about what are getting done!

This season’s must haves in a glance:

  • Color: burgundy/reds
  • Fabric: Velvet and leather
  • Pattern: Floral
  • Tops: Tailored Jackets
  • Shoes: Booties (with tights)
  • Handbags: The soft hobo
  • Still trendy this season: metallics and embellishment pieces.


Here are some outfits that reflect the trend for the Fall. Special thanks to Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale for putting together this glamorous event! All the pieces are available at Neiman Marcus.


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