To be honest, during the week I find myself most of the time in workout clothes. Not because I love to be sweaty the whole day but because I have a solid 7 hours to get EVERYTHING done before picking up my children at school… and with everything I mean: workout (a must for mental sanity), work, cook, laundry, grocery shopping, light cleaning, business meetings and an occasional lunch with friends.

Believe it or not, showering and changing clothes takes at least 40 minutes of my morning, so most of the days I work from home my stylish workout clothes becomes my “outfit of the day”. Not to mention, it is really convenient to wear sneakers while I take the children to their activities or I chase them at home LOL.

But on those days when I get to spend the day pampering myself with no time limit! I will take full advantage of the situation and wear my heels and my white jeans or any other light color piece (Yes, because luckily spill probabilities decrease due to no ice cream or chocolate milk in the equation)

What is your favorite outfit to wear during the week?

Outfit details:




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