Our Hurrication to Denver 

As many of you know last couple weeks have been very stressful ones for Floridians. The very powerful Irma decided to invite herself for a visit to the Keys and our beautiful beaches on the South Florida coast.

Right from the start, all the forecast models predicted a direct impact on the East coast, making us one of the many families lined up for mandatory evacution. With no hesitation my husband and I decided that taking the kids out of the State was the best choice. My husband also decided, he will not join us this time, he was staying with his parents.

With a few hours to pack and leave the house ready, our hurrication started. I have to admit that I left our house expecting the worse (by the time we left we had a 10 foot storm surge predicted for our area).

Late Wednesday my kids and I arrived to Denver, Colorado… we picked this destination because it was plenty far from Irma’s reach.

At this point I needed and devised a good plan to keep the children out of the hotel room as much as possible.

So… here are some ideas if you decide to visit Denver with kids and don’t have a car to go to the mountains or any other attraction that involves a long drive.

Denver Zoo:

This was one of my favorite places in Denver! This zoo is absolutely beautiful, it has great healthy looking animals and the venue is huge! My suggestion is to budget a full day for the visit, there is a lot of walking involved so if you have small children a stroller is recommended. 

Get ready to spend some money at the gift shop 😬… they have really cute stuff! 

Denver Children’s Museum:

Another must if you are in Denver! The museum is located steps away from the Aquarium. My kids spent plenty of time in the museum so you may consider visiting both places the same day.

This place has so many good exhibits for children all ages including an outdoor playground (bring an extra change of clothes for your children if they like to play with wet sand 🙈). My favorite was the building station where Justin and I built a wood train.

Denver Aquarium:

The Aquarium was not a full day visit. It took us about 3 hours to make our way through all the exhibits, watch the mermaid show (my kids loved it), spend a lot of time interacting with sting rays and get dinner at the restaurant (highly recommended). 

These places are a must visit if you are in Denver!

Nature & Science Museum:

This museum is really big and has a lot of interesting exhibits, most of them (in my opinion) for older kids and adults. But we had fun anyways! 

Molly Brown Museum: 

If you are into history this may be a fun activity for you! This museum is the house of Margaret Brown, a women and workers rights activist, also a Titanic survivor!

The kids really enjoyed the visit and learned a lot about the life of this inspiring woman.

Colorado Railroad Museum:

This is the perfect spot for train lovers! My son loves trains so he was in heaven! 

I was a little disappointed since many of the trains were closed to the public to view and many were really dirty and a bit smelly.

We spent 1 1/2 hours there which was enough to tour it all.


We decided to visit Golden downtown, since it was so close to the Railroad Museum. This town is so beautiful, it has many shops and restaurants, but what my kids enjoyed the most was the river walk! The most relaxed and pretty views!

We loved this place, you can walk or take the free shuttle. We decided to walk since we ate a lot LOL! My favorite part was the Union Station where they have a little water park in which kids can play and you can relax just by looking at the water jumping from side to side!


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