As a woman who has to cover several fronts at the same time, I’m always in a hurry… Getting out of the house and making it on time is my biggest challenge every morning. I have learned to manage this situation by waking up very early, the logistic gets further complicated when adding the kids to the equation (getting them to eat a full breakfast before they go to school and getting them to put the shoes on, as silly as it sounds, the shoes are a big stressor in the morning LOL).

In the fashion department, it is fairly easy for me since I typically exercise after I drop off the kids. The dress code is workout clothes, easy enough… right! But those days that I need to get dressed for work the story changes.

I had a really early start today… it was one of those days in which you don’t have time to change clothes or try on many outfits.

For days like these, I always stick with timeless pieces, outfits that I have tried before and I am 100% confident of the look.

It is very convenient to have in mind 2 or 3 “express” outfits, those that you know never let you down in front of the mirror.

The jeans, T-shirt and Blazer look never lets me down, when I need a casual chic outfit! You can wear it with flats or pumps, depending on your style or how long you are going to be walking around during the day. Make sure you mix patterns and colors, so your express outfits don’t become uniform outfits!

Dresses are a great choice, since you just need to deal with one piece and accessories.

If you haven’t identify your “express” outfits yet, take a moment during your day off to try on clothes and put them together.

If you have any doubt about what to wear or how to wear it, leave your questions on the comments below, I will be happy to help!

Outfit Details:


Another Jean, T Shirt, Blazer look.


What is your favorite outfit to wear on busy days?

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