Leadership Coach and Author of the Courageous Leader, Angela Sebaly, shares with Yuly360 the secrets to manage the multiple roles women have, while taking time for you, your health and to do all the things you really want to do.

It is very common to hear many women complaining because they don’t have time to exercise, or because they can’t do activities they really enjoy doing. Exercising and taking care of your mind and body, should never be an alternative activity, it has to be part of your lifestyle! that is the reason I decided to talk with Expert Sebaly to find the answers to our lack of time or sometimes guilt and regrets!

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Please, join in me is this journey to a better, happier and healthier lifestyle… coming from a woman just like you! I understand life is very busy, but it is very important to make time for yourself in order to be more productive and recharge your energy levels daily. Subscribe to my channel to keep up with the latest on YULY360 or follow me  on Instagram and Facebook .


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