5 Exercises for Toned Upper Body


With this exercise routine you will be able to work several muscles … upper body, but also the legs, glutes and abdominals so you can start working in the body you want and the best part is that you will do it at home!

If you do not have the weight, you can use a plastic bottle (you can put sand to make it heavier) or a dumbbell. Whatever you have at home that you can safely hold during the exercise.

Good luck and tell me how you are doing 😉

Join in me is this journey to a better, happier and healthier lifestyle… coming from a woman just like you! I understand life is very busy, but it is very important to make time for yourself in order to be more productive and recharge your energy levels daily.

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Con esta rutina de ejercicios trabajarán varios músculos… los músculos superiores, pero también piernas, glúteos y abdominales.

Si no tienes la pesa, puedes utilizar una botella plástica (le puedes colocar arena para hacerla más pesada) o una mancuerna. Cualquier cosa que tengas en casa que puedas sostener de manera segura durante el ejercicio.

Buena suerte y cuentenme como les va 😉

Mañana trabajamos glúteos así que estén pendientes!

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