It’s my turn

“When you are ready, the teacher appears, not to teach you what you want, but to give you what you need.” I use this well-known phrase to explain the birth of Yuly 360. A transformation… where pain led me to action to generate a second skin: the clothes that I design for you today.

I studied with the goal of becoming an executive in a large corporation. Life, though, full of mystery, instead gave me a son who would give me the tools I would need to be strong. For a time, I was lost, knocked off the course I had charted. Without realizing it, I fell into a hole of depression and sadness.

My son. My great warrior. I couldn’t hold him or breastfeed him like I wanted, like I needed. Justin was born with problems that kept him in intensive care for a long time. His tiny body suffered through six surgeries to keep him alive. I wasn’t prepared to receive such pain as a mother, let alone watch my son suffer.

I asked God to make me strong, to help me understand the mission that was consuming me. I went to bed tormented, thinking about how and when I could start working while still being a good mother. I felt useless. How could I fulfill my dream of being an executive while life continued to throw me more challenges to being a wife and a mother?

The contradiction and guilt overwhelmed me. I seemed unable to connect my dreams with my daily routine. For almost a year, I felt absent without purpose, until some friends invited me to start running.

This new activity showed me the way. At first, I only ran a few minutes before getting tired, but then I realized that the more time I dedicated, the stronger I became. I began to control the fatigue with my mind. I demanded and responded to me. I ran my first marathon. I took charge of my thoughts, controlling not only the pain and fatigue, but my sadness and joy.

I knew then that the executive could wait, because the mother was who I needed to be. All my love and energy was needed by my son.

When Justin was two years old, his little sister Julieta, another teacher, arrived.
So, with the strength that my children gave and the support of my partner, I started my project. I was ready. It was my turn to be reborn, to create and design my second skin: Yuly 360.

Yuky Van Brakel

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Yuly Van Brakel

Passionate entrepreneur motivated to make the world a better place through leadership and diversity. Loving wife and mother of two beautiful children.

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