Want Toned Arms?

UPPER BODY WORKOUT! It can be done at home, no equipment needed… Cheer up, and get it done. Exercising is the perfect activity to release stress and activate your body and mind. It… Continue reading

10 Minutes Full Body Workout

10 MINUTES FULL BODY WORKOUT! Don’t have to much time for your workout today? Well, this is the perfect fit for you 😉… I repeated 10 times this routine, it took me about… Continue reading

Why Is Yoga Good For You

Is yoga challenging for you too?

Stretch It Out!

We always hear that is beneficial to stretch before and after we exercise, but let’s face it… most of the time we are in a hurry and we normally don’t budget time to… Continue reading

Banana Blueberries Quinoa Porridge

This is a great alternative to substitute (or alternate) your morning oatmeal, take a look! 

5 Exercises for Better Glutes

  Hi everybody! Today’s @tribalgym routine was killer! I will post it during the week! This one here is a booty workout, no equipment needed. 20 Reps/4 Rounds Enjoy your weekend! Please, join in me… Continue reading

Full Body Calorie Burner Workout

  DAY 102/365 ✅ The weekend is here!!! Time to check what we got done during the week, celebrate the accomplishments and make adjustments to make those things that are still pending happen!… Continue reading

15 Minutes Killer workout!

  Your abs and legs will be on fire after you finish this short but intense, burn calories workout! This exercise routine, can be done at home or at the gym and there… Continue reading


Leadership Coach and Author of the Courageous Leader, Angela Sebaly, shares with Yuly360 the secrets to manage the multiple roles women have, while taking time for you, your health and to do all the things you really want to do.

You Are 3 Steps Away to a Flat Belly

How Do I Get Rid of Belly Fat? This is a question that I get asked constantly! So I decided to talk with Kevin Albertini (@tribalgym), my trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning… Continue reading