10 places to visit during your summer vacation in South Florida

Summer vacations are here and you  are probably wondering where to go and how to keep your kids entertain without breaking your budget. Here 10 great places to spend time with your kids during your… Continue reading

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Yuly360: 5 Glute Exercises On The Go

  Stay tuned because every Monday we have amazing new exercises on the go just for you! Check out Yuly360 Full body workout and Yuly360 ab workout This workout is courtesy of my… Continue reading

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Yuly360 Fashion: Packing for your summer vacation? Outfit ideas included

This week was the start of summer vacations for many for us! So when it’s time to pack for your “Florida summer” vacation or other destination, I recommend outfits that are chic and stylish but… Continue reading


Women and men are just different on so many levels, it is not just a myth it is a fact. Nearly every aspect of how we think and what we feel is different… Continue reading

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Cinnamon Pear Crepes: Express Recipe

CINNAMON PEAR CREPES EXPRESS (10 minutes) INGREDIENTS: 4 Ready to use Crepes (you can find them beside the strawberries at the supermarker) 3 Pears (sliced) 1/2 cup of Brown Sugar 1 tsp Cinnamon… Continue reading

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Yuly360 Inspiration: Rise, Shine & Run