10 survival items that a woman must have inside her car

MyKalon is all about being practical and proactive, never leave home unprepared! Here are 10 easy survival items that a woman must have inside her car for those days when she is on the go.… Continue reading


It’s Monday morning, you’ve made it to the office and/or your child’s school doorstep… there are just 2 minutes to socialize and get caught up on the niceties of the morning… Busy day… Continue reading

It is just me?

It is early morning, you finally accomplish the herculean task of successfully getting out of your house. The day continues… You drop off your kids at school and/or head to the office, just… Continue reading

Yuly360: Ceviche de Tilapia y Mango (español)

Ceviche de Tilapia y Mango (60 minutos) Ingredientes: 5 Fillets de Tilapia (Puedes usar Halibut) 1 Mango picado en cuadritos 2 Aguacates picados en cuadritos 1 1/2 Cebollas moradas picadas en cuadritos 1/2 taza Cilantro picado 5 Ají dulces 1… Continue reading