Yuly360 Challenge Day 20/365

Modifying our lifestyle to a healthier one can be challenging, mentally draining and time consuming… but as everything new and worth it, this takes time. I always try to focus on what I… Continue reading

Never give up 😉

I couldn’t agree more with this quote. How many times we didn’t pursue our ideas or dreams just because we got stuck listening what others thought about it… I will tell you something,… Continue reading

Yuly 360 Challenge

Staying active has many benefits! personally, It helps me with releasing stress, managing my cholesterol and I keep healthy by making smart choices while eating right and exercising daily… My New Years resolution:… Continue reading

Tone it up with Yuly360

Hello everybody! Yesterday, I couldn’t workout but I tried to work a little bit extra today 😅… even when this cold weather makes me want to stay in bed LOL! The routine has… Continue reading

Tone it up!

Good Morning! Today I am working on my lower abs. This is a very easy routine that I can do at any time of the day and anywhere since it doesn’t require any… Continue reading

Tone it up!

Hello everybody! There is nothing better than start the day with a great workout (and some coffee 😉) I totally loved @tribalgym routine today. It was a 20/10 workout with 4 reps for each exercise… Continue reading

Tone it up!

Happy start of the week everybody! Early start today, and as every morning I got my healthy smoothie done in no time which is very convenient in the mornings since allows me to… Continue reading


As a woman who has to cover several fronts at the same time, I’m always in a hurry… Getting out of the house and making it on time is my biggest challenge every… Continue reading

Our Hurrication to Denver 

As many of you know last couple weeks have been very stressful ones for Floridians. The very powerful Irma decided to invite herself for a visit to the Keys and our beautiful beaches… Continue reading


To be honest, during the week I find myself most of the time in workout clothes. Not because I love to be sweaty the whole day but because I have a solid 7… Continue reading