Express Salad, anyone?

Are you hungry but so tired and/or in a rush? No problem! This salad is so easy to make and super delicious! MYKALON SPRING SALAD 150g of Romaine Lettuce and Red Cabbage (you… Continue reading

Yuly360 Inspiration: SMILE

“Working Mom” vs. “Stay at Home Mom”… Who carries it best?

In my opinion, there is no such a thing as “Stay at Home” or “Working Mom.” Yes! It is true… We are all women, just trying to do our best, bearing the very… Continue reading

Yuly360 Inspiration: RESULTS

10 Bad Mood Triggers

We all have our days, but there are certain things that can make us explode in just seconds! Check our top 10 situations that trigger women’s bad mood. 1. Having your significant other pretend… Continue reading

Green Juice, anyone?

Don’t have time to squeeze in enough veggies during the day? No worries, I have you covered. Here is my favorite green juice recipe… It is delicious and healthy… even kids will love it!… Continue reading

Yuly360 Inspiration: NO EXCUSES


Yuly360 Inspiration: GETTING STARTED

Hungry? How about pesto and tomato chicken breast

We are starting a new week and probably your day has been crazy trying to catch up at work and/or at home… Let simplify things for the end of the day! Try this… Continue reading

Yuly360 Inspiration: GET MOVING